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5 Ways @WalmartLabs is Taking Retail to the Next Level

By   /  October 20, 2015  /  No Comments

walby Angela Guess

Rob Marvin recently wrote for PC Magazine, “Here are five ways @WalmartLabs is not only approaching commerce and customer experience from a forward-thinking mobile perspective but acting on it… Smart A&I: Conducting smart acquisitions and integrations (A&I). In the three years since @WalmartLabs launched, it has made 15 acquisitions and gradually rolled those technologies into its mobile apps and website. These acquisitions include Reclip.It (a personal shopping list app geared toward savings by matching list items with weekly coupons and ads) and Yihaodian (a Chinese online grocery company) to augment its international e-commerce presence.”

Next on the list is “Taking Social Cues: In a user environment where connected millennials increasingly define customer relationships, @WalmartLabs models much of its technology on that social mindset. Walmart’s Trending Now page adds a social element to product discovery while Spark Studio integrates Walmart.com pins from Pinterest into a tire-focused product finder, with options to pin and re-pin, rate, review, or buy products. @WalmartLabs also built Polaris, its own in-house search engine rolled out in 2012, which uses semantic search technology to populate relevant search results based on predicting a shopper’s intent. Bako said that while @WalmartLabs thinks like a start-up in many ways, in an enterprise as massive as Walmart the technology is, necessarily, always in flux.”

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photo credit: Walmart

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