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7 Predictions for Hadoop in 2013

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horby Angela Guess

Herb Cunitz of Hortonworks recently shared seven predictions for Hadoop in 2013. His first prediction is that Big Data will become simply “data”: “Over the past 18 months the term ‘big data’ has emerged and has defined a space for swath of new (and existing) technologies.  It has been called transformative and many have even said it will replace everything we do today.  Well, we have a bit of realistic eye on big data.  We feel big data is just data.  As Apache Hadoop has evolved it has become a standard platform for this new world and by the end of 2013, the ‘big’ moniker will no longer be necessary… it is all just data after all.  Big data and all the predictions for this space will collapse into data management by the analysts and all those following, including a lot of the ‘big’ vendors.”

Second, he predicts the emergence of vertically aligned Hadoop solutions: “At the keynote of Hadoop Summit last year, Geoffrey Moore characterized Apache Hadoop as currently crossing the chasm and that we would know it has landed on the other side and is enjoying adoption by the mainstream when vertical solutions arise.  As more and more companies gain success we will see patterns and solutions arise that are custom-fit for a challenge found in a particular industry.  As the system integrators and consultants become more and more expert on Apache Hadoop, they will wrap solutions in packages and we will see the emergence of these vertical solutions.”

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photo credit: Hortonworks

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