8 Projects at NUI Galway to Receive €1M in Funding

Marie Madden of the Galway Independent reports, "Eight projects at NUI Galway are to receive over €1m in funding from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI). The investment is being made through SFI’s Technology Innovation Development Award (TIDA), in collaboration with Enterprise Ireland, and will focus on commercially relevant projects. The projects in receipt of the funding will include those focusing on acute leukaemia, bovine mastitis, biological oxygen demand monitoring system for wastewaters, GlycoShield, cancer therapy, drought stress tolerance in crop plants, social semantic journalism and the development of a data mapping system for retail business planning. The news was welcomed by Galway TD Derek Nolan, who said that it would enable numerous research teams to take the first steps in developing new discoveries and inventions with commercial potential."

Madden quotes Nolan saying, "Some of the new projects in NUI Galway that will benefit from the funding include software that will support retail business planning and the development of drought resistant genetically modified crops. These projects are incredibly innovative and full of marketable potential so I am pleased that they are getting the support necessary to help them in the path to becoming viable commercial products.”  Madden adds, "The Labour Deputy continued to say that the announcement was a 'huge vote of confidence' for Galway and showed that the city was an attractive place for doing business and for starting a viable enterprise."

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Image: Courtesy NUI Galway