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A Brief Introduction: MongoDB

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About this White Paper

Big data, agile development, and cloud computing are driving new requirements for database management systems. These requirements are in turn driving the next phase of growth in the database industry, mirroring the evolution of the OLAP industry. This document describes this evolution, the new application workload, and how MongoDB is uniquely suited to address these challenges.

About the Author

Jared Rosoff

Jared is Director of Product Marketing at 10gen. Before joining 10gen, Jared ran Product Development at Yottaa where he developed a real-time analytics engine on top of MongoDB and Ruby on Rails. Jared began his career by dropping out of Brown University to become the founder and CTO of TAZZ Networks.

About 10gen

10gen develops MongoDB, and offers production support, training, and consulting for the open source database.

About MongoDB

MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer agility in mind. Instead of storing your data in tables and rows as you would with a relational database, in MongoDB you store JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. The goal of MongoDB is to bridge the gap between key-value stores (which are fast and scalable) and relational databases (which have rich functionality).

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