A Data-Centric Approach to Pharma Marketing

Matthew Weingarten of MMM-Online.com reports, "By applying a scientific approach, and taking advantage of technology that's available, pharmaceutical marketers can boost the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and improve the return on their investment. Evidence-based approach shouldn't be confined to the lab. Two current trends  push us toward enhanced rigor in marketing. First, the Internet has globalized the medical profession. Easily accessible medical databases put the latest research into the hands of doctors everywhere. As the profession has embraced social media, the network of influence has been completely remapped. The power of opinion leaders is now felt worldwide, through multiple channels."

He goes on, "Second, the computational linguistics allows for the harnessing of this data to promote and educate about our brands. Computational linguistics applies machine learning (a form of artificial intelligence) to language. Using natural language-processing algorithms, it extracts semantic meaning from text data quickly and efficiently. The first trend unleashes data regarding opinion leaders and their valuable insights. The second provides the technology to harvest and analyze it. As a result, medical professionals whose opinions matter most can be identified. It's possible to map their locations and the spread of their influence network; ascertain their sentiments, as expressed in journals and social media; and track the evolution of their sentiment."

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Image: Courtesy Dvortygirl