A Look at How Programming Languages Influence Each Other

Tony Hirst has written up a demonstration that maps how programming languages influence each other according to Wikipedia. He explains, "By way of demonstrating how the recipe described in Visualising Related Entries in Wikipedia Using Gephi can easily be turned to other things, here’s a map of how different computer programming languages influence each other according to DBpedia/Wikipedia (above)." See the rest of his demonstration here.

In the comments, Hirst notes, "I think one of the major benefits to be had from these sorts of visualisation is in support of a visual analytical conversation between the analyst and the data. It also helps… to identify those cases where there may be something wrong with the data (as Martin Hawksey says, 'data use == data validation'), which is an important part of the process of working with data. One thing I try to avoid doing on the blog is produce anything that might be construed as being intended as a ‘finished graphic’. Pretty much all of the 'visualisations' I post here are sketches, snapshots of a process that is an ongoing conversation between myself and the data, and that as a consequence is only really meaningful to anyone who is aware of the full history of that conversation."

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Image: Courtesy Tony Hirst