A Look Back at the 2012 TimesOpen Events

Greg Bates of Programmable Web reports, "The Gray Lady is getting her code on. In Andre Behrens’s New York Times blog, Open, billed as 'All the code that’s fit to print,' he recounts events on coding and science held in 2012. Two of the notable events were the well-attended one on Big Data and Smarter Scaling and their Open Source Science Fair. Three speakers graced the Big Data event: Andrew Montalenti the CTO of Parse.ly… James Boehmer, Manager of Search Technology at the New York Times; and Allan Beaufour, CTO of Chartbeat."

Bates continues, "Parse.ly’s mission includes 'catalyzing adoption of semantic web'. And Montalenti showed how Parse.ly’s product Dash contributed 'insights to the web’s best publishers.' The difference: semantics — 'insight rather than raw data.' The Parse.ly API that allows you to grasp those insights starts at $499 a month. The second speaker was James Boehmer is Manager of Search Technology at the New York Times. According to a blog of the event, 'Jim Boehmer notes that search terms affect content decisions: what to highlight on the NYT home page; which topic pages to create. Search generates a feedback loop with readers.' The last speaker, Allan Beaufour, CTO of Chartbeat argued persuasively that, 'engaged time/concurrence is much more important than pageviews'."

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Image: Courtesy New York Times