A New Take on SEO: String Entity Optimization

Paul Bruemmer of Search Engine Land recently wrote, "Imagine the future of SEO — a future in which you forget about using keywords or their synonyms multiple times on a page. In the future, this will be obsolete. Search engines of the future will provide users with answers to their queries by internally verifying validated data that link to trusted documents. To optimize websites for search in the future, SEOs will need to create relevant, machine-recognizable 'entities' on webpages that answer well-refined, focused or narrowed queries. To create these entities, SEOs will use semantic Web technology and structured data. This allows search engines to better understand the page content and thus display valid search results/answers for each query."

He continues, "While discussing the future of Search and SEO last week in view of recent Google innovations such as Google Glass and Google Now, Barbara Starr, a good friend and business associate, agreed to share her insights in this article interview. Barbara’s history as a semantic strategist is quite amazing. Earlier in her career, she worked on the High Performance Knowledge Bases (HPKB) project – a DARPA research program to advance the technology of how computers acquire, represent and manipulate knowledge. Barbara also worked with DARPA on the PAL program (which evolved into SIRI) as well as many other projects of that nature."

Read more here. You can also catch up with Barbara Starr at next month's Semantic Technology and Business Conference in New York. She will take part in the presentation, The Semantic Web Has Killed SEO. Long Live SEO.

Image: Courtesy Search Engine Land