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A Personal Concierge: Coming Soon to Your Phone

By   /  February 21, 2013  /  No Comments

Ed Hayward of Boston College reports, “Say au revoir to the concierge.”

Ed Hayward of Boston College reports, “Say au revoir to the concierge. The proliferation of technology focused on finding the best tickets, the hottest restaurants or the next flight out of town may mean it’s time to bid adieu to the concierge and other traditional service information gatekeepers, according to new research. Face-to-face interactions with front desk clerks and concierges are not essential for personalized service, and increasingly these encounters are being substituted with Smartphone apps and other automated service systems, according to a study in the current edition of the Journal of Service Research. Business travelers who frequent the same hotels time and again may develop personal relationships with certain concierges over time, but a ‘smart digital assistant’ app can provide consistent personalized recommendations for every customer, every time, no matter where they are, the researchers report.”

The article continues, “Already, service systems can record customers’ choices, track navigation or record web browsing behavior. Almost instantaneously, these systems can exploit that information to personalize future recommendations… Co-authors Glushko and Karen Joy Nomorosa, a senior semantic analyst at Rearden Commerce, Inc., envision an app that personalizes customer experiences by developing personalized systems that integrate across all service platforms, from hotels, to dining, to booking flights. Of course, there are still customers who enjoy the ‘lazy chatty conversation with a bank teller or hotel front desk clerk,’ Nomorosa points out, but ‘for every customer who enjoys a lazy chat, there is surely someone who wants a minimalist information-driven experience’.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Alan Light

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