A Semantic Take on The Royal Wedding

If you're a sucker for the semantic web and the romantic royal wedding, heads up: AdaptiveBlue's GetGlue entertainment social network has a deal with CNN around coverage of Kate and Will's Big Day.

According to the site's blog, CNN viewers can earn stickers all week for watching Anderson Cooper 360° and other special coverage of  the Royal Wedding. They can check-in to  AC360° and CNN’s other series through GetGlue's apps or its website.

Other TV coverage sites from which to earn stickers -- which let you rate as a recognized fan on a particular topic -- include:

Stickers began being awarded at the start of the week, but there's still time to catch up.

As a refresher, AdaptiveBlue maintains a semantic database of objects across the web, so it knows that a certain tv show, for instance, is a specific object wherever it appears on connected web sites. So, when you check in that you’re involved in it, you are checking into that as a singular object on the web.

By the way, you may want to check out TVNewser for live online coverage of the big event tomorrow.