A Smarter World with Machine-to-Machine Computing

Goutam Das of Business Today India recently discussed the fascinating steps that Balaji Lakshmanan, founder of Geeky Technology & Consulting is taking with machine-to-machine computing. Das writes, "Men double his age could easily get an inferiority complex looking at 34-year-old Balaji Lakshmanan's resume. He has written and reviewed international papers on robotics, taught 5,000 students through workshops and has two provisional international patents. He has been 'robotic consultant' for a Tamil film featuring a superhero, Mugamoodi, and has delivered robots to the Indian Army. He also runs Geeky Technology & Consulting, whose domain name, www.imakerobots.com, once again underlines his specialisation."

The article continues, "Lakshmanan invested Rs 15 lakh to build the robot in 2009. It can be remote-controlled through a computer or a tablet using a Wi-Fi connection. The human-shaped robot's head holds a camera with a 180-degree view while the abdomen has a screen and sensors for navigation. That robot was one of the earliest examples of machine-to-machine (M2M) communications work in India. Machine-to-machine? These are technologies which enable one device to communicate with another machine over the Internet, with or without human intervention."

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Image: Courtesy Business Today