Ace Metrix Uses Semantic Analysis to ID Funniest Ads

According to a recent article, "Ace Metrix(TM), the new standard in analytics for television and video advertisers, released a study that takes the first-ever large-scale, scientific look at the role of humor in video advertising. According to the study, entitled 'Is Funny Enough?', consumers found 20 percent of more than 6,500 TV ads that aired between January 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012, to be funny. Consumers found ads from Doritos to be funnier than any other brand (6.4 times funnier than average), and Target to have more consistently funny ads than any other brand, with 85 ads above the Funny Index average."

It continues, "The sample dataset of 6,500 ads contained more than 1.5 million unsolicited consumer verbatims. Ace Metrix then applied advanced semantic processing algorithms to qualify and quantify the level of humor associated with each ad, generating a 'Funny Index.' The 'Funny Index' is a unique and objective metric that enables marketers and researchers to easily compare the relative funniness of ads across the dataset… The study includes the top 100 funniest ads, the top 10 of which appear below. The Huggies ad entitled 'Baby Wets the Room,' which demonstrates the benefits of new diaper technology through a series of baby 'accidents,' earned the highest Funny Index score--12 times more funny than the average ad, according to consumers."

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Image: Courtesy Ace Metrix