Adding Semantics to News Video

Andy Plesser of recently spoke to Stoke Young, Executive Producer of regarding how MSNBC is increasing the searchability of their video content through semantic technologies. Plesser writes, "The notion of the 'semantic web' championed by the Web's inventor Tim Berners-Lee and his W3C organization, involves the deep interconnection of text data.  For text-free video, however, this is a challenge, but it has been achieved by through the creation and syndication of precise captions and other data surrounding news videos."

In the interview Young comments, "Broadcast television, through FCC regulations, has a closed caption requirement, and a lot of broadcast networks do transcripts for a variety of reasons. We're basically just taking that textual information, syncing it by time-code to all of our video, and then feeding all of that to search engines… It's really that simple. We're trying to make news video inter-textual in a way that the rest of the semantic web has been for some years."

See the full interview below.

Image: Courtesy MSNBC