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Adventure Game Uses Natural Language Understanding

By   /  July 1, 2014  /  No Comments

Graphic of the Natural Language Understanding technical flow.An article written by Eugene Joseph of Gamasutra reveals that, “Bot Colony is an episodic single player adventure game that we launched on Steam’s Early Access on June 17. It has the distinction of being the first game that integrates unrestricted English dialogue into the game experience. While the Bot Colony Natural Language Understanding (NLU) pipeline cannot yet handle everything a player throws at it, it is able to understand enough that cooperative players can complete the game’s episodes (versions of the first two are available now on Steam Early Access). Language understanding is not limited to the minimum required to play the game – we actually hope that players will explore the boundaries of AI understanding and probe just how much a Bot Colony robot understands.”

The article also adds that, “In this post, I’ll give some details about how our NLU technology enables a new kind of sci-fi adventure game experience. I’ll also cover why NLU integrated with 3D graphics forms the basis of a strategic technology – text-to-animation.  In time, text-to-animation will enable anyone to do their own Computer Generated videos and make interactive games – just by writing an English script for the characters. In Bot Colony, players can have a meaningful dialogue with the characters about their general knowledge, events they witnessed and the environment.”

See Bot Colony’s NLU approach in action in this video:


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