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Aerohive Introduces Client 360 – Machine-Learning, Client-Comparative Analytics

By   /  October 5, 2018  /  No Comments

A recent press release reports, “Aerohive Networks™, a Cloud Networking leader, has introduced a new machine learning, client-comparative analytics capability for real-time and historical client-experience performance monitoring and optimization. Client 360 is available now in all of Aerohive’s deployment options (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and On-Premises). Client 360 leverages Aerohive’s true microservices cloud architecture and native machine-learning capability to collect, process, and analyze vast amounts of client experience data and distill the data to consumable and actionable insights.”

The release goes on, “Client 360 tracks the client experience using an intuitive time-slider that adjusts for day, week, and month along several finely tuned comparative vectors such as: (1) Day, Week, Month client usage and health when the client was actually connected to the network. (2) Session and aggregate views of client location and experience, where the client sent and received the most data when connected to the network. (3) Session and aggregate views of client location and experience, where the client spent the most time when connected to the network. (4) Client trail as the client roams across the network with corresponding roaming and network services health (i.e. DHCP, DNS, Auth, Internet Access, etc.), comparing and measuring individual client experiences against expected behavior through machine-learning capabilities.”

It continues, “Aerohive pioneered cloud networking to radically simplify licensing, deploying, monitoring, scaling, and upgrading access points, switches, and branch routers for the distributed enterprise. With Client 360 Aerohive has now extended its cloud-networking leadership and native machine-learning capability to radically simplify an IT Administrator’s ability to check on, verify, and/or troubleshoot a client’s experience in a single intuitive and comprehensive view.”

Read more at Business Wire.

Photo credit: Aerohive

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