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Aerospike Doubles Performance to One Million TPS on One Server

By   /  May 8, 2014  /  No Comments

arby Angela Guess

Rajkumar Iyer of Aerospike recently wrote, “About a year ago, Aerospike published a ‘recipe’ describing how a database can be tuned to deliver 1 M TPS on a $5k server. This year, we simplified the recipe, applied it to Aerospike and doubled performance in YCSB tests in just 4 easy steps. (1) Download and Install Aerospike 3.2.8. (2) Run afterburner.sh @ /opt/aerospike/bin to configure service threads in the conf file. (3) Download and Run the YCSB tool. (4) Fire the load and see 1 M TPS in the Aerospike Monitoring Console (AMC). Aerospike ran at 1 M TPS for balanced 50/50 reads and writes and 1.6 M TPS for 95/5 read-heavy workloads.”

Iyer continues, “We updated the open source YCSB test framework to support the latest version of Aerospike 3.0 and published the tool on github (https://github.com/aerospike/ycsb). We repeated the tests that Thumbtack Technologies published in Ultra-High Performance NoSQL Benchmark and the results showed a 100% increase in performance. For more on the three design points we kept in mind and five bottlenecks we worked around to achieve this performance, read my other article The Quest for Database Scale – the 1 M TPS.”

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