Air Force Research Lab Turning to Semantic Tech for Solutions

Air Force

Ross Wilkers of reports, "The Air Force Research Laboratory is asking industry to submit white papers detailing ideas on how to anticipate, identify and track space threats through situational awareness and command and control. AFRL officials are interested in examining text extraction and semantic web technologies that are integrated with pattern learning and reasoning, anomaly detection and characterization of events, situations and assets as well as correlations of current events with past events, the laboratory said in a Sept. 9 FedBizOpps notice." Follow the link for the full posting.

Wilkers notes, "Other technologies of interest listed in the notice include automated and semi-automated space asset preservation systems that could predict both natural and man-made threats and assess probability of threat type and threat impact. The Air Force is also interested in fusing data from radar and optical sources for modeling and classifying satellites, as well as to assess vulnerability. New mathematical approaches would be needed to fuse, assess and characterize the data from new sensor and information sources."

Image: Courtesy Air Force