AKSW Team Walks Away with Best Research Paper Prize at ISWC 2011

Juan Sequeda reported for SemanticWeb from ISWC 2011 in Bonn, Germany (see his five days of coverage here.) Juan reported on a number of prize winners from the conference including the winner of best paper: AKSW’s DBPedia SPARQL Benchmark – Performance Assessment with Real Queries on Real Data. The paper was written by Mohamed Morsey, Jens Lehmann, Soren Auer, Axel Cyrille, and Ngonga Ngomo.

In a brief description, the writers state, “In the paper we describe on the example of DBpedia how domain-specific SPARQL benchmarks can be generated and used for assessing the performance of triples stores. It’s a great  success for Mohamed Morsey, who did most of the implementation work and is only in the second year of his PhD studies at AKSW.”

The full paper is available for download here.

Image: Courtesy AKSW