AlchemyAPI Improves Service Using Deep Neural Networks

While Google, Microsoft and Apple have been making significant product breakthroughs using deep neural networks (DNN), the question remains: Is using DNN a practical approach for companies that are not web giants? For some, the answer is a resounding “yes.” AlchemyAPI, a natural language processing platform, has developed the ability to train very large and deep neural networks efficiently while remaining cost effective.

“In the area of language modeling, for example, we are able to train on huge amounts of data (a hundred billion words or more) in less than 24 hours whereas in the research community, many groups are spending 4-6 weeks to train a system on fewer than a billion words,” according to Elliot Turner, AlchemyAPI Founder and CEO.

This isn’t to say it’s been an easy task. AlchemyAPI spent the last year building the infrastructure to operate at this high scale, employs a number of PhD researchers, and has only now started to commercialize their results.

“The key is speed,” according to Shaun Roach, AlchemyAPI VP of Sales. “People couldn’t have trained on a hundred billion words before because it would have potentially taken years to do that.”

The ability to learn from huge data sets makes it possible for AlchemyAPI to extend to arbitrary foreign languages. For example, instead of hiring linguists, the system can read millions of French web pages, enabling it to understand French language concepts.

Over the past several weeks, AlchemyAPI has been rolling out the following functionality from recent deep learning innovations:

  • New Relations Extraction Engine: increased accuracy, location information extraction, keyword extraction within relations, and extraction of multiple entities within relations.
  • New Named Entity Extraction Engine: increased accuracy, new entity types (Anatomy, JobTitle, Degree), wider coverage for several types (City, Company…), and linked data improvements.

“While our latest update represents a notable achievement, it is just the beginning." said Turner. "We are just getting started.”

About AlchemyAPI, Inc. AlchemyAPI is the world's most popular natural language processing service, providing critical data analysis capability to more than 32,000 developers across 36 countries and 6 continents. Used more than 3 billion times every month, AlchemyAPI aims to democratize artificial intelligence technology, providing advanced natural language understanding capabilities to a variety of industries world-wide.

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Image: Courtesy Alchemy API