AlchemyAPI Launches Deep Learning API-Based Service, AlchemyVision

Alchemy API

Derrick Harris of GigaOM reports, "Denver-based startup AlchemyAPI is keeping proactive in the world of artificial intelligence, launching on Monday night a new service that lets users perform computer vision tasks such as image-tagging and photo search via API. The product, called AlchemyVision, is the company’s first foray outside the natural-language processing space where it has focused since 2011. It also probably foreshadows a spate of computer vision services yet to come. AlchemyAPI first demonstrated its object recognition service in September but Turner said the company has done a lot of work in the meantime to get it ready for commercial use. Among the big differences is the sheer scale of the new system, which is running unsupervised across millions of online images and using context from the pages they’re housed on in order to determine what they are."


Harris continues, "Whereas the demo AlchemyAPI showed off last year was trained on about 1,000 images, the new one knows more than 10,000 concepts and is adding more all the time. If it doesn’t recognize an object today, Turner said, it very well might in a few days after having seen it in more images. However, it’s actually a testament to AlchemyAPI’s work that AlchemyVision will try to avoid classifying images it doesn’t recognize. Traditional deep neural networks — like those developed by researchers to compete in certain object-recognition competitions — he explained, are designed to classify specific categories of images but can go a little wonky when they come across things on which they haven’t been trained. For example, Turner said AlchemyAPI ran an image of a disco ball against another deep learning system and it was classified as a tiger shark."


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Image: Courtesy AlchemyAPI