AlchemyAPI Updates Deep Learning API

Amy Castor of Programmable Web reports, "AlchemyAPI wants to make a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning accessible not only to giant corporations, but to the public. Over the last year, the Denver company has been weaving the technology into its text mining API, recently announcing updates in the areas of relation extraction and named entity extraction. Launched in 2008, AlchemyAPI crunches through hundreds of billions of words of text on the Internet to delve meaning out of what people are saying, doing, thinking and writing about. The company offers its service, which developers use for media monitoring, ad targeting, surveillance and more, in the form of a RESTful API or a behind-the-firewall appliance."

Castor goes on, "With its API receiving three billion calls a month, AlchemyAPI is a member of the ProgrammableWeb API Billionaire’s Club. In February, the natural language processing company received $2 million in seed funding to further integrate deep learning into its product. 'We are trying to democratize artificial intelligent technology so it’s not just the Googles, IBMs and Apples that have access to this stuff, but every startup, every university, every medium-sized business in the world,' said Elliot Turner, founder and CEO of AlchemyAPI. If you are still unclear as to what deep learning is, it is a set of machine learning algorithms that can perform human activities such as seeing, hearing, reading and listening. Recent advances in the field are taking many industries by storm. Apple uses the technology for its Siri voice recognition system, and Google uses it for image recognition. Chinese search giant Baidu recently built an entire deep learning research facility in Silicon Valley, which it hopes one day will be on par with the Xerox Palo Alto Research Centre."

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Image: Courtesy AlchemyAPI