Algebraix Crushes Previous Performance Benchmark

Algebraix Data recently announced "its SPARQL Server™ RDF database is executing the SP2Bench benchmark more than three times faster than reported in June 2012. The dramatic performance improvement is made possible by an algebraic query optimizer that is able to reuse work performed to answer prior queries. Furthermore, SPARQL Server’s Resource Description Framework (RDF) load performance has improved significantly, loading 384,000 triples per second from one file on a workstation class system. This is more than five times faster than June’s performance and is several times faster than any current vendor published results for loading triples from one file."

The article continues, "With SPARQL Server, enterprises can fuse Big Data, relational data and semantic data into a high-performance analytic environment that is both dynamic and distributed. SPARQL Server bridges the great data divide and gives enterprises long-sought simplicity. Now enterprises can leverage all of their existing data and applications and combine them with new data and applications, as they emerge, without advance modeling or tuning and without regard to structure or location."

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Image: Courtesy Algebraix