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How to Align Content Marketing and Semantic Search Optimization

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Dave Lloyd of ClickZ recently wrote, “2014 has been heralded the year of content marketing.”


Dave Lloyd of ClickZ recently wrote, “2014 has been heralded theĀ year of content marketing. At the same time, we’re optimizing our search marketing practices for the semantic search environment. Together, there’s a need to merge the two different objectives into a unified strategy. From a search marketing perspective, it makes sense to integrate content marketing and semantic search optimization practices. The introduction of Hummingbird has taught us to deploy search optimization strategies that contextualize queries. Digital marketing with content, on the other hand, is deployed to drive traffic and engage prospects. You can see where the two might combine to form a natural single-track strategy, right?


Lloyd offers up five ways to better align content marketing and semantic search. First up is Google Authorship: “Google has stated that Author Rank is used as a ranking factor, especially for in-depth articles. Moreover, you can’t rank without content that is viewed, shared, mentioned, linked to, or otherwise distributed.Google Authorship has been shown to significantly boost organic visibility, even for authors who exist in fewer than 100 Google+ circles. Authorship markup helps with ranking on Google but more importantly, leads to higher click-throughs. This will, in turn, support better organic visibility. By distributing contextualized content that can be indexed using snippets through a Google+ profile, your chances for high visibility are increased.”


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