AlphaSense Wins Best Sell-Side Analytics Product 2014


Jake Thomases of Waters Technology reports that AlphaSense has won the Best Sell-Side Analytics Product award at the Sell-Side Technology Awards. In his profile on the company, Thomases writes, "Searching through endless regulatory filings, company presentations, earnings call transcripts, news releases, and other research is an interminable and eye-glazing process. Electronifying those documents has allowed analysts to perform keyword searches, although they still had to search each document for every keyword variation individually."

He continues, "In 2010, former Morgan Stanley analyst Jack Kokko decided more could be done. He teamed up with technologist and one-time Wharton School of Business classmate Raj Neervannan to create AlphaSense, a search engine for financial analysts that does for research documents what Google does for webpages. Using semantic technology, AlphaSense enables thematic search of millions of documents instantly, leveraging linguistic search algorithms tailored for investment research. It semantically indexes unstructured text documents sentence by sentence, while utilizing structured data for further filtering, and produces instant results on any theme."

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Image: Courtesy AlphaSense