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Alphaserve Technologies Announces Artificial Intelligence Offering for Law Firms

By   /  July 17, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A recent press release states, “Alphaserve Technologies, a global provider of managed IT, cloud and cybersecurity services, has introduced a version of its popular artificial intelligence consulting service for the legal market. The company offers data science as a service to improve law firm business processes, leveraging its own intellectual property including ITIL-based processes, a proprietary tool and more than 200 experts around the globe. Upward of $10 million has been invested into Alphaserve’s institutional framework for AI and machine learning applications. The company’s data scientists use the platform to develop customized business process solutions based on each specific client use case. The tool is widely employed by financial services companies, but was only recently modified by Alphaserve engineers to be scalable for a wider customer audience, including law firms.”

The release goes on, “Alphaserve’s AI offering for law firms begins with a complimentary three-hour workshop. Lawyers from Alphaserve introduce firm leaders to basic concepts around AI and consult with them on how data a firm already has can be used to improve business processes. They then facilitate a brainstorming session to identify practical applications for AI within the firm, which Alphaserve uses to develop a customized solution as a proof of concept to demonstrate how the firm can gain value from AI.”

Arup Das, CEO of Alphaserve Technologies noted, “Most law firms cannot afford to employ their own data scientists or to invest in the technology required to effectively use the firm’s data for predictive modeling or other applications to improve business processes. And because AI is still new and often defined in different ways, many lawyers remain confused about what it is or where to begin, even if they want to explore it… By offering a consultative approach and delivering customized solutions, we are able to demonstrate to lawyers how AI can be used in a very practical way that truly provides value to their firm.”

Read more at Marketwired.

Photo credit: Alphaserve Technologies

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