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Amazon Announces Amazon CloudSearch

By   /  April 13, 2012  /  No Comments

Amazon Web Services is now offering CloudSearch as a paid service.

Amazon Web Services is now offering CloudSearch as a paid service. The official AWS announcement states, “Continuing along in our quest to give you the tools that you need to build ridiculously powerful web sites and applications in no time flat at the lowest possible cost, I’d like to introduce you to¬†Amazon CloudSearch. If you have ever searched¬†Amazon.com, you’ve already used the technology that underlies CloudSearch. You can now have a very powerful and scalable search system (indexing and retrieval) up and running in less than an hour.”

It continues, “Amazon CloudSearch is a fully managed search service in the cloud. You can set it up and start processing queries in less than an hour, with automatic scaling for data and search traffic, all for less than $100 per month. CloudSearch hides all of the complexity and all of the search infrastructure from you. You simply provide it with a set of documents and decide how you would like to incorporate search into your application. You don’t have to write your own indexing, query parsing, query processing, results handling, or any of that other stuff. You don’t need to worry about running out of disk space or processing power, and you don’t need to keep rewriting your code to add more features.”

Read more here.

Editor’s Note: In future posts we will be exploring more of the semantic aspects of CloudSearch.

Image: Courtesy AWS

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