Amy Webb's Top Tech Trends for Journalism


Michael Depp of Net News Check reports, "If Amy Webb's predictive powers hold, journalism in 2014 will be prodded by wearable technology, drones, smart virtual personal assistants and anticipatory computing. The digital strategist and CEO of Webb Media Group made her fifth appearance at the Online News Association's annual conference on Friday, painting a near-future picture where online video will need to be personalized and wonky new hardware will find its way into more people's hands. What journalists may do with it when it falls into theirs, however, is pure blue sky for now."

Depp continues, "In all, Webb forecasted 10 tech trends for journalists in the next year, and anticipatory computing hit the top of her list. Webb says that concept, which users regularly encounter in Google searches as the engine tries to guess at what they're really looking for, will hit the mainstream in 2014. Before it does, she points to tools such as MindMeld, an iPad app which uses semantic technology to query news sources and social feeds to pull up information as the user talks. 'This is the ultimate tool for reporters — it's like an automatic follow up machine,' Webb says, encouraging them to keep it at hand whenever interviewing sources. Webb also touts smart virtual personal assistants like DonnaOsito and Tempo as excellent tools that cross reference personal calendars with social feeds and other relevant, contextualized information, such as pulling up the most recent social posts by the people one is scheduled to meet."

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Image: Courtesy MindMeld