Analyze IQ Announces SmartSearch with Linked Data

A recent article on reports that Analyze IQ has launched SmartSearch, a new addition to its Analyze IQ Software Suite. The article states, "SmartSearch enables rapid and accurate searches through a library of spectra and identification of best matches for unknown spectra, enabling users to answer ’what is this?’ questions easily and reliably. The software provides accurate spectrum matching algorithms to identification of a ranked set of spectra that are the closest matches for a spectrum of interest. It also includes a wide range of well-known comparison metrics, and the new Spectral Euclidean Distance algorithm."

The article continues, "SmartSearch complements Analyze IQ Lab, and also integrates with Analyze IQ Spectra Manager, with which valuable chemical spectra and associated information can be stored and organised. It retrieves linked data from Wikipedia displays it along with results." Product features include the following: "High-speed searches with its efficient software design. Wide range of spectrum comparison methods & pre-processing methods. High-performing new Spectral Euclidean Distance comparison methodModern, clean, graphical user interface: easier to use than competing products. View Analyze IQ Spectra Manager data for results. View relevant chemical information data from linked data sources on the web. Third party libraries are supported and can be assisted in importing data."

Learn more at Analyze IQ.

Image: Courtesy Analyze IQ