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Announcing the Latest Release of the PROV Family of Documents

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Paul Groth of the W3C reports, “The W3C Provenance Working Group is happy to announce a new release of the PROV Family of Documents.”

Paul Groth of the W3C reports, “The W3C Provenance Working Group is happy to announce a new release of the PROV Family of Documents, which provides a framework for interchanging provenance on the Web. This family includes 4 Candidate Recommendations that define the core of PROV along with several supporting documents some of which are first public working drafts. The PROV-Overview is the first entry point for PROV and provides a description of each document and how they fit together. We are really excited about this release as it provides a comprehensive view of how Web developers and users can express and interchange provenance information. PROV is the product of the great interaction between the working group and both the developer and user communities. That interaction has made the specs better. The group is now looking for your continued interaction on two fronts.”

The first front is usage and implementation: “We are looking for your feedback about the usage and implementation of PROV. We are interested in all types of usage but in particular: (1) Usage in datasets: Are you using PROV in your documents, web pages or dataset? (2) Extension: Have you extended PROV with your own vocabulary, ontology or data model? (3) Implementation: Does your application, web service, framework generate and/or consume PROV data? If your using PROV, it would be great if you could fill out one of our questionnaires. You can find them at our Call for Implementations page. These are straightforward and shouldn’t take too much time.”

Read more here.

Image: Courtesy W3C

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