AOL’s Purchase of HuffPo Leaves Many Confused

In the wake of AOL’s purchase of the Huffington Post, bystanders have reacted with confusion. Stephen Colbert, for example, teased the $315 million purchase by creating The Colbuffington Re-Post and offering his site up for $316 million.

 A recent article comments, “In what current chatter has labeled a last and perhaps impotent attempt at salvation for AOL (see their marriage to Time Warner), it appears that this latest venture could yield some unexpected advantages.  HuffPo has been attracting record readership.”

The Huffington Post had a reported forty million site visitors in January: “Pair that with its growing roster of respected contributors and one can begin to understand the attraction for AOL.” Another source of attraction is undoubtedly HuffPo’s innovative use of semantic technologies, especially those gained in their purchase of Adaptive Semantics.

As the article puts it, “I remain curious if AOL’s dowry amounts to anything of value in the volatile media landscape.  The HuffPo, like its co-founder and namesake, seems uninterested in anything that cannot aid in propelling them to the top of the pile.  Can AOL hack it?  Time will tell.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Lan Bui