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Apigee Enhances Internet of Things

By   /  September 10, 2014  /  No Comments

14211_apigeeby Jelani Harper

Stacey Higginbotham recently wrote, “What is the diameter of the internet of things and how do we make it smaller?” That’s the question that Brian Mulloy, a VP of Apigee  focused on for the last few years as he tried to figure out what he needed to do to build a product that would help Apigee’s clients and others develop for the internet of things. I’m not sure that’s the right question, but the solution Apigee is proposing at its “I Love APIs” user conference Tuesday speaks to its vision of what’s happening as we connect our physical devices to the web.”

The article continues with, “Unlike the vision proposed today by a group of IBM researchers, Apigee’s idea is dependent on the cloud, where the APIs Apigee manages live. Zetta, as the platform is called, takes the idea that the internet of things is about using APIs to take advantage of all the data that connected devices can collect and then letting developers build services on top of them. It’s an app-centric model with intelligence in the cloud as opposed to a device-centric model with intelligence on the hardware and at the edge. Mulloy describes the architecture as one that allows for a hub and spoke physical network topology, while abstracting that to look like a flat graph-like topology in the cloud.”

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