Appinions Gets Patent for Opinion Analysis

Appinions, an opinion based marketing platform reports that the company has been awarded a patent "for their groundbreaking methodology for analyzing, extracting and summarizing opinions from digital text, such as articles, blog posts and social media messages. The US Patent Office awarded the patent to Appinions for the system and method for automatically summarizing fine-grained opinions in digital text. The patent covers the methodology Appinions uses to analyze text from more than 5 million online sources to extract opinions, identify the person or source of a particular opinion and determine the topic and sentiment of that opinion. The patent is effective for 20 years and precludes other companies from implementing the methodology and business processes developed by Appinions."

The article adds, "With this opinion-powered data, Appinions gives brands and agencies the unprecedented ability to identify relevant influencers and measure who is driving the conversations about a particular topic, person or brand… Appinions co-founder and chief scientist, Dr. Claire Cardie, a professor at Cornell University’s Department of Computer Science, led the research and development for this revolutionary methodology. 'This patent marks the culmination of more than 10 years of research into opinion identification and semantic analysis and we’re thrilled to be recognized for this groundbreaking achievement,' Cardie said."

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Image: Courtesy Appinions