Apple and Siri to Change the Way We Interact with Devices

A new article reports, “Perhaps the biggest announcement at Apple’s iPhone event (about one hour from this posting) will be Assistant, Apple’s evolution of the Siri Personal Assistant Software. Siri, you’ll remember, is the company Apple picked up for a rumored $200 million in April of last year for, in Steve Jobs’ words, its “Artificial Intelligence”, not search or speech recognition.”

Before Apple bought the company, Siri described itself as a Virtual Personal Assistant: “Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs) represent the next generation interaction paradigm for the Internet. In today’s paradigm, we follow links on search results. With a VPA, we interact by having a conversation. We tell the assistant what we want to do, and it applies multiple services and information sources to help accomplish our task. Like a real assistant, a VPA is personal; it uses information about an individual’s preferences and interaction history to help solve specific tasks, and it gets better with experience.”

The article adds, “Apple has long wanted to bring an Artificial Intelligence-based Personal Assistant to the masses. In the late 80′s, Apple made the Knowledge Navigator series of videos to showcase this ambition. The world has come a long way since then, but as you’ll see on Tuesday, Apple had remarkable foresight way back in 1987.”

Read more from Siri’s co-founder, Norman Winarsky here.

Image: Courtesy Siri