Apple Plans to Pull Evi from the App Store

It seems that Apple is getting a bit worried about the threat that Evi poses to Siri. According to a recent article, "True Knowledge, the brains behind a popular Siri alternative for iOS devices, received a note from Apple that the company will shoot down the popular 99-cent download from its mobile bazaar. According to TechCrunch, True Knowledge had a call from an Apple representative on Friday evening who informed them the company was 'going to pull Evi from the App Store,' citing similarities with Siri."

"However," the article continues, "pundits point out that Evi, which couples Nuance-licensed speech recognition engine with its own core semantic search technology dubbed the 'True Knowledge Answer Engine,' may pose a threat to the otherwise stellar iPhone 4S sales due to folks running Evi on iPhone 4 being uncompelled to upgrade to an iPhone 4S. If Apple’s real motivation is similarities and not competition, then perhaps the company should take a closer look at Japan carrier NTT DoCoMo’s new project that is a Siri alternative for non-iPhones."

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Image: Courtesy Siri