Applied Relevance Announces Epinomy Version 7


Menlo Park, California (PRWEB) December 23, 2013 -- Applied Relevance announces Epinomy optimized for MarkLogic 7, a leading NoSQL database platform for managing big data. Epinomy is an advanced information management application for organizing, tagging and classifying structured and unstructured big data content. Epinomy’s semantic engine allows organizations to easily build ontologies and auto-tag documents with metadata, enabling information managers to harness the power of 'triple stores' allowing users to quickly search and find all relevant structured and unstructured information all the time.


“At the forefront of the big data are the three Ts of big data: tables, text and triples. The challenge is not storing or capturing enormous datasets, it is in organizing and finding the knowledge buried within,” said George Everitt, CEO of Applied Relevance. He continued, “Epinomy addresses big data management by providing information architects with an organized and comprehensive approach to linking and tagging information assets such as tables and text; and then harnessing triple store technology to provide enterprise users with a high speed web-like search experience.”


"With the growing volumes of heterogeneous data flooding into organizations, customers have discovered that the relational database they have relied on for years are too limiting and not agile enough to manage complex and varied data formats that are required for today's sophisticated information applications, " said Joe Pasqua, SVP of product strategy at MarkLogic. He continued, "MarkLogic 7 with its search and semantics features delivers a new generation database platform that allows Epinomy to quickly bring to market it's advanced information management application, making it easy for customers to manage and derive value from their unstructured data.”


Original Release: PR Web

Image: Courtesy Epinomy