Artificial Intelligence to Make Lawyers Redundant: Ipselex Launches an API for Law


Hong Kong, Hong Kong (PRWEB) April 03, 2014--Ipselex, until now a secretive Hong Kong artificial intelligence company, today announced the launch of its web platform. The platform offers API-like access to a brain in the cloud that has taught itself to understand and make predictions about patents and patent applications.


Combining state of the art natural language processing with neural network technology designed to simulate a human brain, the AI at the core of Ipselex has learned what makes a good patent through a mix of self-study and guidance from an experienced patent attorney. It can, for example, analyze products for infringement and, in certain industry sectors, estimate the likelihood that a given patent application will be granted.


CEO Tom Grek, a lawyer and engineer, said: “Humans are stifling legal practice and holding up transactions and settlements that should be swift, just, and available to all. We believe we are the first in the world to have an AI that develops a deep, semantic understanding of a domain by crunching through gigantic patent datasets.”


About Ipselex


Ipselex began to crystallize in 2009 with an initial set of algorithms scribbled on a napkin. Incorporated in 2013, the company now comprises lawyers, hackers, and linguistics and machine learning experts. Ipselex is committed to democratizing and streamlining access to the law and accelerating the world’s innovation.


Original Release: PR Web

Image: Courtesy Ipselex