Atigeoâ„¢ to Speak on Semantic Reasoning, Personal Data Lockers, and Leveraging Unstructured Enterprise Data at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco

June 21, 2010, Bellevue, WA -- Atigeo (, a compassionate technology company delivering revolutionary semantic software, will host three panel sessions at the Semantic Technology Conference in San Francisco, June 23rd and 24th, highlighting technologies that enable a holistic view of the consumer for enterprises, semantic understanding, and consumer privacy and control.

Atigeo’s Chief Scientist, Olly Downs, will moderate a discussion, True Semantic Reasoning: Self-Constructing Ontologies. The panel will explore the topics of spatial tagging, managing multiple identities, and cognitive computation in an effort to define true semantic reasoning without the formal structures leveraged in current approaches to semantic understanding. Olly will be joined by Jeff Jonas, IBM Distinguished Engineer/Chief Scientist of Entity Analytic Solutions and Marc Davis, Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Invention Arts.

Atigeo’s second panel will explore the current opportunities and issues surrounding the advent of the personal data locker.  Topics to be addressed include:

  • • How will personal data lockers, linked data, semantic understanding, and intelligent agents form an ecosystem of semantically rich applications that present relevant content and services?
  • • How will this ecosystem enable businesses to offer customers more relevant, convenient, and useful content and experiences while maintaining user privacy and control?

“Only technologies that provide a more humanistic understanding of people and data without relying on structured ontologies can dramatically accelerate the semantic web today, taking us from the overwhelming and noisy real-time web to the more productive and profitable right-time web,” said David Boardman, Vice President of Product Strategy at Atigeo.

Boardman will be joined by a prominent panel moderated by David Siegel, author of Pull. Additional panel participants include Chris Messina - Open Web Advocate at Google, Drummond Reed - Executive Director of the Information Card Foundation and the Open Identity Exchange, Kaliya Hamlin - User-Centric Digital Identity Expert, and Phil Wolff –   

In a third panel, Atigeo’s Patrick Quigley, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, will be presenting an introduction to xPatterns™ with Etienne Gadient, Integrated Solutions Group Manager at Forsythe. Atigeo's xPatterns platform facilitates the intelligent discovery of knowledge from large disparate sources of dynamically changing structured and unstructured data. Underlying xPatterns is novel technology that allows the automated creation and dynamic maintenance of semantic ontologies.

About Atigeo™

Atigeo is a compassionate technology company turning science into products and services for a wiser planet.  Our unique semantic platform, xPatterns™, facilitates the intelligent discovery of knowledge from large disparate sources of dynamically changing, structured, and unstructured data.  Third party applications can easily be deployed on xPatterns through web-services to immediately enrich data insight through the self-discovery of patterns and concepts in real-time.  xPatterns enables a trust model the enterprise may extend to their users, providing each user the ability to privately manage their data, and automatically leverage offline information to provide unprecedented experiences and benefits.  xPatterns is enabling telecommunication providers, healthcare providers, government organizations and retailers to leverage new insights in real-time, derived from data that has been traditionally difficult to link and expensive to maintain.  xPatterns software can be delivered as Software-as-a-Service or Appliance-based.  For more information, visit:

About Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech)

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