The Audible Web?


Reuven Cohen of Forbes recently wrote, "New audible interaction methods and API standards could be poised to usher in a new generation of web technology. Technology specifically tailored to interact with us as individuals rather than having us adapt to interact with the web. At the heart of this transformation is a new crop of technologies focused on natural language interaction through the use of verbal commands. In its most simple form, speech recognition is the ability to translate spoken words into text. The technology is certainly not a new concept; it has been around for almost 60 years. In 1954, the so-called Georgetown-IBM experiment was an influential demonstration of the first machine-based translation program."


Cohen continues, "The next major advancement was in the 1980’s when modern machine learning algorithms specifically tailored for language processing were introduced. These simplistic early algorithms made for the first time speech recognition technology commercially feasible. Yet for the average software developer the technology would remain out of reach. Fast-forward another 30 years and things are beginning to change. Thanks in part to Moore’s Law (the ever increasing power of computers) and the work of several standards bodies to create open and accessible API’s, we are now beginning to see the emergence of a new generation of web focused speech systems that are as easy to implement and use as building a simple HTML web page."


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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ sara.lauderdale