Christine Connors

BioBlitz 2011: A Little Semantics Goes A Long Way

This post was co-authored with Kevin Lynch. In October, BioBlitz 2011 took place in Tucson’s Saguaro National Park East and West. Thousands of volunteers worked together to discover the biodiversity of this marvelous place I call home. This blog entry outlines the work we’ve done the last few months, the reasons why BioBlitz matters (they…

A Single Cell

Life begins as a single cell. It grows, dividing, procreating, networking itself until an amazing creature forms. We are surrounded by these vast networks. We ARE these vast networks. Oh, the power! The amazing things these networks can do: feats of athletics, stunning computations, laughing, questioning. And – oh! – how much more amazing when…

Wing Nuts

They say to write what you know. So let me share with you a story of some recent frustrations I’ve had researching a topic online, and how better management of semantics would relieve that frustration.