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We Hold This Truth to be Self-Evident; The Semantic Web Will Expand in 2011

By   /  October 7, 2010  /  Data Articles | Data Science, Business Intelligence, & More  /  No Comments

The Semantic Web has enormous potential to change the way we receive, understand and use information. The Web as we know it today connects pages of information one dimension at a time to each other based on some simple things you ask it to perform (e.g. keywords like “dog” & “food”). Of course you get some pages that talk about dog food. But many others that simply happen to have the words dog and food somewhere on the page yet talk about all kinds of things other than “dog food.” A Semantic Web makes sure the concept of dog food is present first, and then identifies other facts, experts, types, uses, recipes, ingredients, etc., about dog food. A Semantic Web is smart in that it presents a better set of results, in context and is ready to solve problems, answer questions directly, infer, resolve, discover and analyze in ways that the current web was never designed to do.

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Microsoft buying into Semantics – part 1

By   /  June 28, 2008  /  Data Blogs | Information From Enterprise Leaders  /  No Comments

The news yesterday that Microsoft is likely buying semantic search provider Powerset had those of us in the community buzzing.  Besides the valuation per se this event provides several thoughts about the maturity of our technology, its value and its future. 

What will Google do now?  This is the first question that comes to mind.  They are on record as saying they "explore all technologies that can provide users a better experience".  But they also say that it is unlikely users can ever be re-trained to type out full sentences in the form of questions as Powerset requires you to do. 

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Connecting the Dots

By   /  March 10, 2008  /  Data Blogs | Information From Enterprise Leaders  /  No Comments

What is commonly understood about the Semantic Web is not what I care to write about. I have a long professional history of looking to the future of business and how things come together in unique and challenging ways. In other words how stuff turns out that most people did not anticipate and thus did not factor into their decision making – sometimes with terrible consequences. This is no doubt true also with the Semantic Web.

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