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Baidu Releases DuerOS Open Platform, Creating an Intelligent Voice Ecosystem for the Industry

By   /  July 10, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Baidu Inc. on Wednesday released the DuerOS Open Platform, a conversation-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform that provides development tools and skill kits for developers looking to quickly build intelligent devices that anyone can interact with primarily through voice and natural language conversation.More than 100 partners are already using the DuerOS platform, including hardware manufacturers, chip makers, content providers and more. Some brands using DuerOS include NVIDIA, Haier, Media, HTC, Vivo, and Harman. At Baidu Create, Baidu’s first AI developer conference, in Beijing, Baidu Vice Chairman, Group President, and COO Qi Lu, said: ‘The release of the DuerOS Open Platform is a very important step in Baidu’s open AI ecosystem strategy. I believe this move will help attract more developers to work together with Baidu.’”

The release goes on, “With the launch of the open platform, Baidu aims to give traditional enterprises and developers the tools they need to easily build their own intelligent, voice-enabled devices. The platform provides multiple whole-package solutions and development-kits for hardware partners that help lower the barriers to building a voice-first device, as well as enabling developers to build additional skills in the system. The goal of DuerOS is to become the fundamental operating framework for every conversational device, essentially creating the ‘Android’ for the AI era. ‘Baidu is building DuerOS to enable everyone – whether they’re a large enterprise, small business or developer – to create their own intelligent voice-enabled device without high levels of investment. By integrating Baidu’s AI technology, data, content and ecosystems, DuerOS is committed to strengthening the ecosystem for manufacturers and developers by reducing barriers to access interactive AI, so that all voice-enabled devices can really hear, understand, and meet users’ needs,’ said Kun Jing, General Manager of Baidu’s Duer Business Unit.”

Read more at Globe Newswire.

Photo credit: Baidu

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