The Battle for Dominance in Web 3.0


Charles Silver of Wired recently wrote, "A new battle among the tech titans has begun. What are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and a handful of others fighting over, using vast amounts of money, hardware and top talent as weapons? This battle is over. Who will solve the scalability and performance issues of semantic computing, the data model for Web 3.0 — its arrival has been predicted annually for years but, finally, it’s on the verge. Put another way, which titan will pull off this victory feat: transforming the all-knowing 'Star Trek' computer—which could find the answer to any question in the universe at warp speed — from television fantasy to everyday reality."

Silver insists that in order to pull ahead, the tech titans as he calls them are looking for ways to move away from relational databases toward graph databases in many cases. He writes, "The reason: Relational databases, though revolutionary way back when, are not up to the job of managing today’s Big Data. There are two huge, insurmountable issues preventing this: (1) Data integration. Relational databases (basically, all that stuff in silos) are finicky. They come in many forms, from many sources, and don’t play well with others. While search engines can find data containing specific keywords, they can’t do much of anything with it. (2) Intelligent 'thinking.' While it’s impossible for computers to reason or form concepts using relational databases, they can do exactly that with linked data in graph databases. Semantic search engines can connect related data, forming a big picture out of small pieces, Star Trek-like."

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Image: Courtesy Facebook