BBC News Lab to Explore Linked Data Technology

Matt Shearer of the BBC recently reported that the BBC's News Lab team will begin exploring linked data technologies. He writes, "Hi I’m Matt Shearer, delivery manager for Future Media News. I manage the delivery of the News Product and I also lead on BBC News Labs. BBC News Labs is an innovation project which was started during 2012 to help us harness the BBC's wider expertise to explore future opportunities. Generally speaking BBC News believes in allowing creative technologists to innovate and influence the direction of the News product. For example the delivery of BBC News’ responsive design mobile service started in 2011 when we made space for a multidiscipline project to explore responsive design opportunities for BBC News. With this in mind the BBC News team setup News Labs to explore linked data technologies."

Shearer goes on, "The BBC has been making use of linked data technologies in its internal content production systems since 2011. As explained by Jem Rayfield this enabled the publishing of news aggregation pages ‘per athlete’, ‘per sport’ and ‘per event’ for the 2012 Olympics – something that would not have been possible with hand-curated content management. Linked data is being rolled out on BBC News from early 2013 to enrich the connections between BBC News stories, content assets, the wider BBC website and the World Wide Web. We framed each challenge/opportunity for the News Lab in terms of a clear ‘problem space’ (as opposed to a set of requirements that may limit options) supported by research findings, audience needs, market needs, technology opportunities and framed with the BBC News Strategy."

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Image: Courtesy BBC