How BestBuy is SPARQLing This Holiday Season


Jay Myers of BestBuy recently wrote, "Shortly before Black Friday, one of my colleagues approached me with a curious question. 'Mr. SVP XYZ was talking today about us creating a promo page of ‘stocking stuffers’. Do you think you could produce a list of products that might be ‘stocking stuffers’?'. After some discussion, we agreed that these products would be under $20 and be 5”x5” or smaller to qualify as a stocking stuffer. In a couple hours time we had a SPARQL generated list of 190 products (thank you @bsletten) on a promo page for anyone who searched for the ‘stocking stuffers’ phrase. A classic last minute, rogue (skunkworks?) effort."


Myers continues, "I am pleased to present some of the results we had over a week’s time: (1) Page has more than double the conversion rate of the average page on the site (double digit conversion!) (2) Some products listed were sold out within days of page creation. (3) List of products uncovers products we didn’t even realized we sold — my favorite: the Mossy Oak - 7-in-1 Fishing Tool with Bait Inserter. (4) Shows the power of product discovery with SPARQL driving product insight. All in all, an interesting win for SPARQL/ Semantic technologies, plus a nice nugget to include in a presentation for our next semantic web product effort."


Check out the SPARQL generated list of stocking stuffers at BestBuy.


Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Randy Pertiet