Beta Version of Script Explorer for PowerShell Released

Kurt Mackie reports that a beta version of Microsoft Script Explorer for Windows PowerShell is currently available for download: "Script Explorer finds PowerShell Scripts and snippets, as well as modules and help resources. Users can specify searching across local or network repositories. It also searches across PoshCode repositories, the TechNet Script Center Repository and Bing. Microsoft took a semantic Web approach when it designed Script Explorer, according to Jason Hogg, a principal architect at Microsoft. For instance the tool will track down actual code rather than just finding the words 'PowerShell script' when it searches, he explained in a blog post."

Mackie continues, "Over time, Scripts have gotten lodged in a number of repositories, so Microsoft set out to build a tool that can find them, as well as provide access to scripts housed within an organization. Script Explorer will show code organized by categories. Users can download and store the scripts after locating them, Hogg explained. A screenshot example of a Script Explorer search can be seen at this Microsoft blog post, where the source name is displayed alongside the search results."

Download the beta release here.

Image: Courtesy PowerShell