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Better Data Governance Will Drive Higher ROI

By   /  February 7, 2014  /  1 Comment

moneyby Angela Guess

Scott Schlesinger of Baseline Magazine recently wrote, “By layering new analytical methods and tools on top of big data solutions, companies can tap into greater productivity and gain more insight into the past, present and future of their business—resulting in more informed decision making and measurable ROI… Enterprises that are successfully gaining legitimate value from their structured, transactional data assets will be able to layer on unstructured or semi-structured data sets to produce a complete picture. That will take their analytics initiatives to the next level.”

He continues, “Moving forward, governance will be the major driver for increasing the ROI of data analytics. If businesses can properly gather and leverage all the investments they have made to produce a complete data landscape, they will ultimately be able to successfully extract valuable analytic insights. These platforms provide many of the operational insights into the “what” when holistically viewing data analytics. When governance is layered over the framework of a data analytics platform, the result is a holistic understanding that ultimately improves the company’s ability to manage and measure ROI—a top concern for virtually every organization and business leader. The more companies invest in strategic analytics, the more they will need a robust data governance plan to ensure that proper results can be extracted from any given body of data. That will be the crux of immediate and long-term success.”

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  • Hi Angela

    It really depends on what your definition of ‘data governance’ is as to whether or not it will drive real ROI.

    As I see it, the biggest barrier to extracting meaningful information from disparate data sets, be they big or small, is the underlying data structure. If this is not correct, not only will it prevent useful information being extracted, it will actually give completely erroneous results. Violation of Fifth Normal Form is a major issue in this area that, so far, has been completely overlooked.

    In my opinion data governance is not something that can be layered over the top of data. It has to be applied at the point at which data is created in order to ensure that the data will be in a structure and format that allows it to be effectively used across the enterprise for the purposes for for which it was intended.

    Kinds regards

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