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How Big Data is Changing Business Recruiting

By   /  January 9, 2014  /  No Comments

Beast of a Job Interview, after Walter Craneby Angela Guess

Michael A. Morell of Wired recently wrote, “It’s no secret that companies — particularly small businesses and startups — face challenges when it comes to finding and hiring the best possible talent. While it’s true that the age of the internet has made a wealth of information available on potential candidates, wading through all that data can be a considerable time (and money) suck. It’s enough to make you miss the good old days when referrals were the only way to find employees. (In fact, referrals are still an important factor, but more on that later.)”

Morell continues, “What’s certain is that big data is the future of job recruiting and development, and understanding how to make sense of it will be critical to a company’s success. These days, big data is helping fast growing companies find their perfect engineers, developers and executives. And everyone can say they have access to big data with LinkedIn, G+ and other profiles on the web. However, you can’t just ‘data mine’ your way to the right candidate; you need the right tools to analyze it, and the right people who can provide meaningful insight.”

He goes on, “Today, recruiters need to be able to understand big data, which boils down to discovery, visualization and insight. The best recruiting teams will use technology that bubbles up the right candidates, and know how to weight the data points to provide the best possible fits for a position. Also, remember that personal interaction and communication provide perhaps more important data than massive amounts of publicly available data.”

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