Big Data Predictions from InfoChimps' Jim Kaskade

Gil Press of Forbes recently interviewed Jim Kaskade, CEO of InfoChimps regarding Big Data and his predictions for the market. Press writes, "Jim Kaskade’s crystal ball shared with him recently a list of upcoming big data acquisitions: EMC will buy MapR, Oracle will buy Cloudera, and Teradata will buy Hortonworks. Kaskade, the newly-appointed CEO of Infochimps, believes CIOs are ready to embrace open source big data software and that the established IT players, lacking open source experience, will have to buy their way into the market."

He goes on, "In a wide-ranging talk with Kaskade last week, I got the impression that this could also be the planned exit for Infochimps and the main reason for putting Kaskade in charge of communicating the value of what Infochimps offers to Fortune 1000 enterprises and its unique position in the rapidly evolving big data landscape. Infochimps opened for business in 2009 as a data marketplace but earlier this year it started to sell what it had developed for its own use, a platform for doing big data. Says Kaskade: 'I just love companies who build technologies for particular use cases that are actually tackling key problems that a broader audience has'."

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Image: Courtesy InfoChimps