Big Data Startup Infinite Analytics Maps Your Social Genome


Deepti Chaudhary of Forbes India recently wrote, "Founded in December 2012, Infinite Analytics is a cloud-based big data company that predicts consumer behaviour based on information shared by users on their social networking sites… Infinite Analytics analyses raw data, maps out a person’s social genome and then gives personalised recommendations to consumer brands that have an online presence. This information, which is collected without breaking privacy laws, allows a retailer to identify and recommend products that will appeal to a customer."


Chaudhary continues, "Simply put, a company such as Infinite Analytics gets access to personal information when people use their social networking IDs to log into a retail website that uses products like SocialGenomix… The start-up uses different techniques to predict user behaviour, including natural language processing, machine learning, semantic technologies and predictive analytics. It processes the data in real time. Within a span of 24 milliseconds, it sends out recommendations based on a user’s changing preference. Infinite Analytics has processed 95 million users, 5.9 billion attributes and claims to provide a 17 to 25 percent increase in customer site engagement for clients."


He adds, "Bhatia and Botla developed SocialGenomix at MIT in a class taught by British scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee who is credited with building the foundations of the World Wide Web when he was at CERN, Switzerland. Berners-Lee is now an advisor to the company. Among those backing the firm in an individual capacity is Deb Roy, a tenured professor at MIT and chief media scientist, Twitter. Roy was the talk of the town last year when he sold Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company—which he co-founded in 2008—to Twitter for $90 million."

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