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Big Data v. Now Data

By   /  January 28, 2013  /  No Comments

4478876573_f66035d307by Angela Guess

Michael Askin of Smart Data Collective has broken down the Big Data challenges many small and medium business are facing and offers his solutions. Askin writes, “Let’s break down Big Data and gain a little more perspective around the business of problem solving. The problem you think you have: We have so much data and we’re losing money every day by not acting on that, while our competitors have surely figured out how to leverage their data using Big Data solutions. The solution you think you need: Our IT department should start analyzing and reporting on Big Data.”

He goes on, “The problem you really have: You don’t know how to start looking at your data differently. Your IT department can tell you which data are available but not always which data are valuable. In other cases, you may know which data are valuable, but are not doing enough to capture them today. The solution you really need: A ‘now data’ solution instead of a ‘Big Data’ solution. The fact is, most businesses do not have the IT resources required to implement a true Big Data solution. While there is high interest in capturing and using data, most companies are still stuck with legacy tools, disconnected solutions and no connection between operational plans and business reality.”

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photo credit: Sean MacEntee

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